Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Exciting News

Well, I have just returned home after 5 nights at our holiday home on Fraser Island. Just in time as the weather started to turn a bit yikky today. I had some very exciting news when my mobile came back into range on my way home. One of my besties Mel, had her 2nd bubba while I was away. I had a feeling something may have happened while I was gone but as she was still a couple of weeks off being due I thought I was probably being ambitious. Anyway, I'm yet to hear all the details first hand, but little Gracey Elizabeth wasn't mucking around and was born before Mel reached her intended hospital destination. I can't wait to hear the full story. So congrats Mel and Dunc and little Emy on your new baby daughter and sister.

The main reason I went over to Fraser was for a combined 40th party for some good friends of ours Craig and Shaun. We had a lovely day up at Eli Creek. They couldn't have picked a nicer day if they tried. Here is a pic of the birthday boys and their better halves Katrina and Amanda. (Hi Trina, if you still check out my blog).
This also presented a great excuse for my dear buddy Tina, her husband Dave (Sean's brother) and their little man Wil to come and stay with us. Here they are up at Eli Creek.
Logan and Kyan loved playing with Wil. I think Kyan enjoyed having a big brother and followed Wil around like a bad smell. Here they all are on our lounge over there.
I also had a muck around with my camera in the backyard over there the other day. We had 4 Kookaburras that kept hanging out in our yard. Here is a couple of pics of them and a pic of a banksia. Well that's it for me. Off to feed my little man and off to bed. Bye bye.

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