Monday, July 21, 2008

Campoven Roast

Our family has just enjoyed another glorious trip to our beloved Fraser Island home. We had so much fun relaxing, fishing and playing with the kids on the beach. The weather was perfect, the fish were biting and we had another fantastic campoven roast for tea on Sunday night. On our last few trips we have taken over a roast and cooked it in the campoven. They turn out great and are becoming a bit of a tradition for us.

We usually do a boneless pork. We just rub a bit of oil and salt over the skin to help create yummy crackle and throw it in the campoven on top of a trivet (so the bottom doesn't burn). We usually put about 1/3 of the coals on the bottom and 2/3 on top of the campoven and about 2hrs later, hey presto.

While the roast was cooking, our little princess was entertained by her dad with sparklers around the fire and got to try her first (second and third) toasted marshmallow (luckily she had already eaten dinner earlier).