Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trip to the TESS farm

Hi There, hope your having a great weekend. Just thought I'd share a few photos from our visit to the TESS (Training Employment Support Service) farm on Friday with our mum's group. We had such a lovely time on this little farm which I didn't even know existed until recently which is barely 5 mins from where I live. There were lots of different animals including wallabies, kangaroos, emus, deers, alpacas, goats, a camel, parrots and other birds including a big wedge tail eagle, lizards and snakes. I'm sure I've forgotten some. We had a lovely picnic lunch and helped feed the animals. The kids all loved it. So here are some pics started with my son Kyan making friends with this little wallaby. Here is one of the lizards.
Apparently all the boy peacocks are trying to impress the girls and the moment. They were just beautiful.
Here is Logan and Ella with the camel. I even scored a smooth off the camel. He had lovely soft lips. Even softer than my hubbies.
And another lizard.
Here is an alpaca, emu and goat/sheep (how pathetic, I'm not sure what this fella was now).
Feed time for the kangaroos and emus.
And here we all are at the end for a group shot.
Can't wait to take Shane back for a look. It is like having a mini Australia Zoo in our backyard. The only cost was a donation for a lovely afternoon.

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stephanne said...

I am going to come back here and show these photos to my husband, see, No reason to be scared of the 'roo's!! Look at those wonderful outback critters, I'll bet that was loads of fun!! Thanks for joining in with my mini candies, good luck :)