Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trying Out Some Of My Hodgepodge Hardware

One of the new advantages of my little boy being placed on a special diet, is these small formula tins which are a great size for decorating. I have made this one up for my sister who's nickname is Mit for her to put on her office desk for scissors, pens etc. She is also a book nut so I have made her a matching bookmark. The back side has "bookmark" stamped on it. I used my first 2 pieces of Hodgepodge Hardware on this little project.

I've just come back to edit this initial posting as I have now made a matching post it note holder. This is a very easy little project courtesy of Keesh. Here is the link to her easy to follow instructions.


Robyn said...

Looks like those tins are going to come in very handy! I like what you have done with them. What a great prize from Keesh- Lucky you!!!

Chook said...

Thanks Robyn. Yes it was a very generous gift from Keesh. The picture of the tin doesn't do it justice. I really like how it has turned out but I am the worse photographer. One day I will read the manual.