Thursday, October 8, 2009

School Holidays - A Few Pics

Well, we recently finished school holidays here. We didn't do anything too exciting as Shane was still at work. We had a few nights camping in our van at Burrum Heads and also a night camping at a friends place for a family reunion party. We also spent a couple of nights in the shed at Boonooroo which was fun and Logan also went to a Fairy and Wizard party at the library. So here is a couple of photos to share.

The first one is Logan with her friends Jenna, Meave and Grace at the Fairy and Wizard party.
The next is Kyan with Michael on the Go Cart at the family reunion. We currently have Kyan's tube out for a trial which has been lovely for him and us. He's not going too bad so far so fingers crossed.
And here is Logan and Kyan playing in Grandpa's dingy at Boonooroo.

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LINDA said...

Adorable photos..
Hugs, Linda